Website Performance Statistics

Knowledge is power! Here we have done the leg work for you and compiled the most relevent statistics and information pertaining to your website's performance. Many companies view their website as an afterthought, and invest as few resources as possible into their online presence. Below are some important numbers to keep in mind, before making that same mistake.

Mobile user abandonment.

53 percent of mobile users will abandon your page if the load times exceed 3 seconds continuosly.

Importance of testing and performance.

Slow performance is a leading problem in not generating sales through your webpage. Often there is just not enough attention given to this area to make a difference in your bottom line.

Cross-Platform Consistancy

With 68% of digital media time spent on a mobile device shouldn't you be concerned with how that looks? We think so too!

No matter what device your site is being viewed on, it should have a consistant look and feel. Consistancy builds trust and reduces strees for the client. Streesed out clients are hesitant to commit to a buying decision.

Does design really matter?

According to Adobe DTR, 86% of survey respondents agreed that design-driven companies outperform other businesses..

Design is what engages your client, draws them in. A great design catches the eye and helps make a positive impression on the client about the trustworthyness of your business.

Poor Mobile Experience

52 percent of mobile users are lees likely to re-engage with a company or brand after a poor mobile experience.

Can you trust them?

3 out of 4 people admit to passing judgement on a companies credibility based on their first impression its website.

Repeat Sales Revenue

More than 90% of buyers that experience a superior mobile interaction say they would buy again from that comapny.

Simple, Elegant Design

People do not like complicated, but they do like elegance. Simple clean Designs help keep clients engaged and happy..

Marketing Effort

Great website's make it easy to broadcast your brand across the world almost effortlessly. From SEO concepts to digital adverstising, having a great website will put you that much further ahead of your competition.

Think of your website as a hub. It is the centralized location for your online campaign. Every other marketing effort should direct traffic back to your website.

Jump on board!

Only 50% of company executives recognize the importance of mobile design how it imapcts thier business.

Exceptionally Crafted Website Experiences.