Frequently Asked Questions

Concise Answer: There are many factors that go into the pricing of a website; such as size, complexity, functionality, content provision, and so forth. If a web designer quotes a price without dicussing the details of the project there is something wrong.

Verbose Answer: Pricing is based on the features, size, complexity, and needs of your website.We encourage you to read this list of questions. These are a few of the questions that impact pricing of a website.

How large of a website are you looking for?
What are some of the key features you want in your website?
What type of content does your website cover?
Do you have all of the content for your website?
Do you need content created for your website?
What is your target market?
What do your competitors website's look like?
What is the overall feel you want your website to portray?

These are just a few of the many questions that have to be answered in order to place a development quote on a website. This is why it's hard to find simple direct pricing on a website, they all have different needs.

Concise Answer: Time can vary from project to project based on certain variables. Generally, 16 weeks from start to final product delivery.

Verbose Answer: Variables such as additions to size, content, complexity, and other areas increase time needed to complete the project. Excessive communication efforts also increase time needed for completion.

Concise Answer: No, we do not manage SEO efforts.

Verbose Answer: While we make sure your website is optimized for SEO. We do not manage your SEO campaign.

Concise Answer: When we complete your project your are given all deliverables. You are free to with them as you wish.

Verbose Answer: When you purchase your website from us you are doing just that. Upon completion you are given all deliverable files and rights to the website. You can do what you want with them. Unlike other companies, we do not charge a monthly fee for your website. The only fee you will pay is your web hosting the cost of that is between you and your hosting service.

Concise Answer: We offer an additional service for the set-up of domain names and web hosting. The service is an additional $500.00.

Verbose Answer: For an additional $500.00 we will perform the initial set-up of your domain name and web hosting. We only use Amazon Web Services as our hosting platform and domain name service. We do not maintain your hosting or domain renewal so your credit card information will be needed by Amazon Web Services for this service.

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