Traditional business in the modern world.

B. Goodson | Febuary 02, 2015

Have you ever wished you could go back in time to the good ole days? Yeah, me too... We can't turn back time, however we can change the way we do business today. In modern times, companies are driven by the sales numbers. Is this a good thing? I personally don't think so. When you focus on the numbers you forget about all of the people that make them happen in the first place. Clients, employees, managment and the list goes on. These are what's driving your company. Let's put the focus back on them.

They are our future and they look to us for guidance.

B. Goodson | July 17, 2017

As business owners we have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. With meetings, lunches, fund raisers, events, and so on, we tend to spread ourselves thin. In fact, so thin that we sometimes overlook what's happening right around us. I'm talking about our children. We all have a responsibility in making sure our children learn to treat people with kindness and respect. It's easy to come home after a bad day and let off steam about this or that, but you have to remember the lessons we teach them today will impact the future.

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