New Unovis Website Impacts Alternative Protein Industry

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Updated on: April 5th, 20224 min read
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Beyond Meat. Miyoko’s Creamery. Oatly. Ocean Hugger Foods.

Those are some big names. You’ve likely heard of those companies that focus on replacements for animal food products.

Unovis is the company behind all of these animal-free greats and many more! 

As a unique investment company, Unovis leads the way in plant-based and cell-based investments worldwide. The company invests in and builds companies that are developing direct replacements for “center of plate” animal protein products (e.g., beef, seafood, dairy, and poultry), as well as fostering novel protein ingredients, solving production scaling hurdles, and other opportunities to bring plant-based offerings and non-animal alternatives to the marketplace.

The Brandtenders at Lounge Lizard Worldwide created the best holistic marketing tool Unovis could have: A new, modern website with a cloud-based widget from UserWay for ADA compliance.

With more than 50 investments under their belt, Unovis trusted Lounge Lizard to showcase the Unovis brand story, team, values, and portfolio companies in a modern and professional way.

An animated line graphic on the homepage is what our Brandtenders call a “sustainability” line, showing we’re all connected, from A to Z, to the entire global supply chain. 

While the homepage has a lot of information, it’s very “digestible.”

Through animation, white space, and intentionally chosen images, the new website design for Unovis engages and educates visitors who are organically staying on the site and looking for more information.

How can Unovis use this updated website as a marketing tool? Here are just a few ways:

  1. Unovis has a newsletter section that functions as a blog. Websites with regular blog content have received 65%-plus leads than those that don’t publish blogs regularly – or not at all. Blogs increase website traffic, build website authority, and offer readers a chance to share valuable content on social media. When readers share Unovis content on LinkedIn or Twitter, they increase brand recognition and put the company at the forefront of thought leadership. 
  2. By having a mobile-friendly and responsive website, Unovis is able to reach potential clients on any device. According to data firm Gartner, mobile makes up most email opens at 51%. When Unovis sends out an email, those who open it can click on a link to a responsive website.
  3. When companies or people want to learn more about Unovis, it’s only natural that they will likely go to Unovis’ website. The newly designed Unovis website will give them a first and lasting impression. Everything from content and portfolio companies to colors and design matters. 
  4. The Unovis website is not only a perfect opportunity to show who is on the team, but it’s also a chance to show some professional personality of employees. That’s precisely what happens when you visit their team page

Unovis is a first mover. The company is global (with team members in the United States and Europe) and offers a big picture strategy with tactical and localized execution. Their understanding of alternative proteins and the food industry and relationships with food conglomerates worldwide is unparalleled. 

Their website reflects who they are, what they have achieved, and how they can empower companies with funding to feed the planet sustainably. 

And website visitors get quite a visual treat.

Does your company need a new look and a website that could help your marketing efforts? Contact the Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists at Lounge Lizard Worldwide to learn how website development and design, branding, SEO, and digital marketing can help grow your company.

Published on: March 31st, 2022

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New Unovis Website Impacts Alternative Protein Industry
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