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Updated on: April 5th, 20224 min read
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There are hundreds of thousands of architects. But not every architectural firm is the same.

So how do you separate yourself from the competition?

The Brandtenders at Lounge Lizard are known for stirring up brands to increase value, employee motivation, and sales. 

During the website redesign for Spiezle Architectural Group, the Brandtenders started with the group’s image.

Like architects, they also start the building process from a creative and strategic mindset.

First up: The logo.

A logo is a company’s first impression. It communicates values and brand ownership. It also distinguishes the company from the competition.

Employee-owned Spiezle Architectural Group is all about the people, passion, and purpose behind their innovative and sustainable designs. That was the motivation behind the logo design.

Spiezle is not your average architectural firm, and a simple box was no longer reflective of the company. It also would not have matched the tone of the website redesign.

Our Brandtenders took a conceptual approach to the simple yet attention-grabbing logo.

Navy blue, charcoal gray, and white were rebranding colors chosen based on psychology. Our Brandtenders use color theory to bring about a sensory experience through the use of colors. 

The three colors used are traditional, monochromatic colors that are complementary and give a sense of space, openness, and history. (After all, Spiezle has been building communities for almost 70 years.)

By designing a trend-forward logo and using it throughout the website, Spiezle gets an automatic brand update that pays homage to the past and looks to the future. 

It’s very much an element that matches the individualized and personal approach that the Spiezle team takes for every design client. 

From a branding perspective, the new logo can easily be included in marketing efforts and used on images for blogs, collateral, ads, press releases, email newsletters, and social media.

A deconstructed version of the logo is used on the website as modern elements to bring headlines and quotes into focus. That cohesiveness elevates Spiezle design and brand.

Spiezle Architectural Group has about 95 employees who own the company. Their team is passionate about creating a workplace culture that promotes management transparency and collaboration while also focusing on developing the next, and next-next, generation of company leaders and architects.

Project galleries are a must for architects, master planners, and interior designers. On the new website, Spiezle’s extensive portfolio is highlighted in a spacious, fresh design to inspire and attract quality leads who start the online bidding process.

Animation and a pop of color are used on modern elements to highlight the portfolio category galleries. That elevated and user-friendly design keeps website visitors interested, educated, and looking for more.

Spiezle employees pride themselves on communication, and the company’s newly redesigned website is a great communication tool for prospective clients. From Spiezle’s employees and values to projects and processes, you can see it all online … and be motivated to work with the passionate, purpose-driven, and experienced team.

If your company’s brand and website can benefit from a refresh, contact the Lounge Lizard team to learn more.

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Published on: April 4th, 2022

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Spiezle’s Rebranding & Website Design Elevate Architect Firm
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