Tech-Forward OSG Adds Personal Touch to Website for CRO Boost

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Updated on: April 5th, 20223 min read
The new OSG Analytics website is shown on a desktop computer and laptop

OSG Analytics has cutting-edge technology that gives clients valuable insights into future customer behaviors.

They needed a website that was user-friendly, interactive, and approachable. 

The Brandtenders at Lounge Lizard mixed up a concoction that included a bit of everything to elevate OSG Analytics’ online presence. From development and design to copywriting and SEO, OSG’s new website is now a tool that will propel leads and grow the company’s digital brand image.

Brandtenders stayed away from the typical “techie” imagery. They made it personal. 

OSG’s artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms turn data into remarkable insights … and that data is about customers. It’s ultimately about people. 

The first main imagery on the website is a personal testimonial video from Black Entertainment Television. Visitors see a lot of “Love” written on neon lights. It’s also filtered with a couple of OSG’s new style guide colors: deep purple and sky blue. 

It’s not the typical technology website. That’s because OSG isn’t your typical technology company.

OSG — which has locations in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and India — uncovers what customers have done historically and accurately models what customers are likely to do. That’s a critical tool for smart growth. 

The company’s behavioral analytics methodologies go beyond trends and uncover the full spectrum of customer behavior. 

The Brandenders wrote copy that explained OSG’s high-tech services in a way that is down to earth. Potential clients need to understand how bleeding-edge OSG is and how the company’s technology can help them. Not everyone has a deep understanding of technology, so education is vital.

One of the essential sections of the OSG website is the Resources page. Here, OSG positions the company employees as thought leaders with case studies and blogs.

There’s an art to writing about technical offerings so they can quickly be understood. The more someone understands technology services and tools, the more likely the conversion rate will increase. 

Conversion rate optimization allows companies to lower their customer acquisition costs. Companies can increase revenue per visitor, acquire more customers, and grow their business.

Whether the key performance indicator is filling out forms or spending more time on the website, OSG will continue to see “growth” from their latest tool: a redesigned website.

Does your company want to increase CRO with a new website, rebranding, SEO, and copywriting? Contact Lounge Lizard to learn more.

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Published on: April 4th, 2022

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Tech-Forward OSG Adds Personal Touch to Website for CRO Boost
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